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Do you suffer from hair loss and worry about your receding hairline when you look in the mirror every day? You don’t have to accept hair loss – there is a method allowing you to get around this problem, achieving the best possible results regardless of the condition of your hair. Improvements can even be made in cases of advanced baldness under certain conditions. I would like to introduce you to hair transplant methods on these pages and in particular explain how your own hair can be transplanted (autologous hair transplant).

Angela Lehmann

For me it is very important to give each patient individual care. I personally carry out consultation, the actual treatment and the check-ups required.

Of course, I can provide you with a no-obligation initial consultation, in which I can assess the condition of your hair. I can then give you an estimate of the costs for a hair transplant.

The Problem

Many people are confronted with the problem of hair loss on a daily basis. Sometimes it can cause stress that can diminish a person’s quality of life.


The longest lasting and cosmetically most satisfying treatment of hair loss is, without doubt, the transplantation of one’s own hair from a donor area to a bald area.

Hair Transplantation

Size and arrangement of the individual grafts quite significant in determining the final result later.


Each hair removed is implanted without any losses and only a fine, barely visible line remains as a scar.

Information on the subject of hair transplants

On this website I would like to inform you about hair transplant methods in greater detail, in particular about the transplantation of your own hair (autologous hair transplant).

Transplantation of your own hair is particularly well tolerated and achieves the best long-term and convincing results from a cosmetic point of view. The surgeon removes hairs from the existing fringe of hair on the back of the head, so-called “follicular units” or “grafts”. After removal, these are divided up into smaller grafts in a further stage, in order to prepare them for the transplant. They are then implanted into the hairless areas. Around three weeks after the hair transplant, the hairs fall out, but the roots (hair follicles) survive this method of hair grafting. After three months, the hairs begin to grow again.

In order to inform you about whether your hair can be given back its former volume using autologous hair transplants, our surgery or another hair surgeon must first examine its current condition. It is vital to know which kind of hair loss you are suffering from to make a decision on a hair transplant, and how advanced the hair loss is. According to your hair condition, the surgeon can give you a lower hairline, reducing the receding area. Even in cases of advanced baldness, transplants of your own hair can cover areas of sparsely-growing hair, so that your hair’s condition is much improved after the transplant.

The decisive feature of the hair transplant’s result is the new hairline. Take a look at your hairline in the mirror: it does not have a smooth border but starts irregularly with thin, short hairs. A really good surgeon will implant the hair follicles in such a way that the new hairline looks as natural as possible. In addition, when choosing your hair surgeon, you should make sure that he or she has actually achieved the results on the before and after photos you will be shown.
My team and myself have specialised for many years in the areas of hair surgery, hair transplants and autologous hair transplants. I would be very pleased if you arranged a personal consultation.


I can warmly recommend Angela Lehmann. Her competent, professional manner impressed me a great deal, as did the result of the transplant.


J.P Bernegger

“The high expectations were even exceeded. The long way from Dusseldorf to Biel has definitely been worthwhile.”




I was satisfied with the professional, competent procedures and in-depth, honest advice given during the initial consultation. It was clear to me from the beginning that I only wanted to operated on by Angela Lehmann. I am very particular about my appearance and after 4 operations I am amazed at the results! Not even my acquaintances realised that my hair was transplanted and congratulated me on my great new hairstyle. This confirms that Angela Lehmann is a real expert in her profession!



I am 29 years old, female and my hair was falling out. This made me extremely unhappy. The answer to my problems was: Angela Lehmann. I was convinced of your commitment and dedication from the first moment. From the beginning, I had confidence in your expertise, empathy and competent consultation, including all the information on the operation. After 9 months, I can look back on 3 highly successful operations. My hair is growing and I am really pleased with the results of your fantastic work.



I was desperate and didn’t dare to mix with people. By chance, I saw your report on Telebern about autologous hair transplants. I contacted you and was given top-rate advice on the procedure. This gave me a lot of encouragement too. Now, after 3 operations, I can see the successful results and can meet other people without any inhibitions. I’m delighted about the continuing improvements. I would advise any woman suffering from hair problems to have them treated by Ms. Lehmann.


Maria Zimmerli

Dear Misses Lehmann — Hereby, I would like to thank you again for the intense informative consultation. Although I received offers from other contractors, you recommended to me not to do a hair transplantation because I do not have enough donor hair to ensure a beautiful result. This made clear how professional and respectable you are working and that it is guided by the interests of your clients and not by financial interests.
Kind regards G.T.



The high expectations were even exceeded. The long way from Dusseldorf to Biel has definitely been worthwhile.

R. Schmid


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