Methods – This is how a hair transplantation is done

FUE Method (Follicular Unit Extraction)

Most hair surgeons work with the FUE Method (Follicular Unit Extraction), which however has certain drawbacks for the patient. On the one hand, the whole of the back of head has to be shaved, hair removal itself is time-consuming and in addition 20-30% of the hair follicles are destroyed during the procedure. This is particularly inconvenient if there is only a small amount of hair is present. If the scars heal well, this method results in many small, round scars.

S & P Extraction

Another method is the “S & P Extraction” which involves more work and is more time-consuming for the surgeon, which however achieves the best results for the patient. I personally work exclusively with this method, as it avoids many disadvantages of the FUE Method. My operation method involves removing up to 120 small plugs (standard grafts). In a complex procedure, these are then divided in up to 1400 small micro-grafts consisting of only one to three hairs. They are implanted into the hairless areas of the recipient site, which is prepared accordingly beforehand. Each hair removed is implanted without any losses and only a fine, barely visible line remains as a scar.