Hair transplantation as a sustainable therapy option

In the health market,…

…there are many hair-restoration products, most of them of dubious effectiveness. Nevertheless, the development of new prescription drugs continues to be carried out. Some of these products are already on the market, but none of them produce rapid cosmetic results. In addition, the new drugs may affect hormonal activity and produce problematic side effects.

One of the operation techniques that is still used today is implantation of artificial hair. This method is not recommendable since it causes frequent inflammation of the scalp because of the synthetic material used.

The longest lasting and cosmetically most satisfying treatment of hair loss is, without doubt, the transplantation of one’s own hair from a donor area to a bald area. Small hairbearing skin grafts of hair are taken from the back of the head where hair follicles are not subject to negative genetic programming.

They are then transferred to the areas of baldness. For more information about this technique, see the following pages.